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eBIKE BOX micro

A simple charging station that offers you charging from 5 connectors and two 230 V Schuko sockets.

eBIKE BOX mini C

Contains up to 5 optional removable connectors that connect from the bottom end of the station. An ideal solution for hotels, restaurants, parking garages in companies or shopping centers.

eBIKE BOX mini F

The station allows the configuration of 5 different types of charging connectors based on your choice. The charging connectors are firmly connected to the box.

eBIKE BOX mini W

A special version of the mini station, which contains 3 connectors with a self-retracting system.

eBIKE BOX simple

Integrated modular self-retracting connectors for 5 electric bicycles of your choice can be found only here. Do you need to inflate your tires? Fix a bike? Charge your phone or smart watch? eBIKE BOX simple can handle it all!

eBIKE BOX vision

Professional charging station for electric micromobility. Contains all functionality of the simple station, but it also features a display that you can use for advertising, entertainment or information about the area.

eBIKE PORT classic

Offer cyclists a modern resting place. Developed for our smart charging stations – eBIKE BOX simple and eBIKE BOX vision with the option of custom design. It allows quick and easy installation.

eBIKE PORT solar

Charge electric bikes directly from the sun. Electric bicycles powered by clean energy will be appreciated not only by cyclists, but also by our nature. You don’t need an electrical connection and you can place it anywhere. The powerful battery allows you to charge even when the sun is not shining.

eBIKE PORT hybrid

Smart solar shelter solution with the possibility to connect to the electrical power grid. Not sure about the amount of sun in a given region? This solution will ensure enough energy for every cyclist.

eBIKE PORT vario

A nice design shelter made of aluminum profiles, which is not only intended for bike paths, but also for cities and towns. You do not need an electrical connection. The sun will provide you with enough energy with its solar panels and batteries.

eBIKE PORT vario plus

An aluminum shelter that will provide more space for cyclists to rest. Sufficient energy is provided by 5 solar panels with batteries.

eBIKE PORT tower

A solar tower? With the ability of charging electrical devices? Yes! Ideal not only for nature, but also in cities and towns.

Energy SET

Have you already built your own shed and want to use solar energy to charge electric bicycles? Then Energy SET is the right solution for you.