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How it started, or how to turn an idea into reality

When I fail, when I need to take a deep breath and gain new strength to deal with different situations, then the bike is the most effective source of energy and happiness for me…”

My name is Milan Hanko and I am one of the founders and CEO of the company Econec. In this way I decided to share the idea of starting a company, when my hobby became a business. That thought didn’t happen overnight. It was rather from my own kilometres cycled, with pushing my limits, when every turn was more appealing to me. I remember when two cyclists on electric bikes easily overtook me during a cycling tour on Skalka in the Kremnica Mountains. Later, I met them at a tourist rest stop, not because they were tired, but because their batteries were low. I also felt sorry for them that they would not be able to see the breathtaking views at the top. These experiences, observing the challenges and, above all, listening to cycling fans who want to cover distances or demanding routes, were an impulse for me to start addressing the issue of the availability of charging stations not only for e-bikes, but also for other micromobility devices. But how to be innovative? In what aspect to be the only one in the world? These questions resonated with me every day. It sounds simple, but it was enough to be really perceptive and adapt to the requirements of potential customers or users.

I found support from my friend Silvester and this idea has become our common goal since 2021, which we are turning into reality. It is a kind of a building kit, where together with our team we carry out everyday activities, which requires finding solutions, overcoming obstacles, a certain commitment, time, adaptation to situations, but also the ability to persevere in a difficult period.

Thanks to the professional approach of the team and our clear vision of what we want to achieve and how, we have succeeded in bringing to the market a unique, intelligent and effective technological solution for the development of cycle tourism and micromobility, which represent sustainability in transport and thus global interest. Today, our charging stations with original design make cycling routes attractive not only in Slovakia, but also abroad.